Three short films already screened at Filmets Badalona Film Festival on the road to the Oscars next February 26th


Dekalb Elementary Filmets

‘Dekalb Elementary’, by Reed Van Dyk

On the other hand, ‘Les bones nenes’, a short film also screened in Filmets, has been nominated to the Gaudí award, while other documentaries that have already been seen in Filmets are also contenders for the Goya.

FILMETS Badalona Film Festival has established itself as a film showing that offers high quality films which end up being nominated to international awards.

FILMETS Badalona Film Festival has revealed as the best platform offering high quality short films, which, after being screened in our town, become contenders in the most prominent film awards. This is the case of three short films that were screened in Filmets and now have made their way to contend for Best short film and Best short animated film at the Oscars, next February 26th.

The films are ‘Dekalb Elementary’, by Reed Van Dyk; the animated film ‘Negative Space’, by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata; and the animated film ‘Garden Party’, by Victor Caire and Gabriel Grapperon. The first two ones were screened in the Official Section in last year’s FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, which took place on the 20th-29th October 2017. As for the third film, it was seen in the festival in its 2016 edition.

Also contending for the Gaudí and Goya awards

The Oscars are not the only film awards nominating short films already screened in FILMETS as contenders to earn the beloved statuette. The same thing is happening with the Gaudi and Goya awards.

On the next edition of the Gaudi awards, to be celebrated on the 28th January, the film ‘Les bones nenes’, a short film shown last October in FILMETS, is poised to win as the Best Short Film. ‘Les bones nenes’ is a film directed by Clara Roquet, featuring Badalona actress Marta Marco.

As for the Goya awards, to be disclosed in February 3, the contenders for Best Short Film are ‘Extraños en la carretera’, by Carlos Solano, and ‘Como yo te amo’, by Fernando García-Ruiz Rubio. Both films were seen in FILMETS Badalona Film Festival’s last edition.

les bones nenes filmets

‘Les bones nenes’ de Clara Roquet


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