Four short films projected in the last edition of FILMETS have been preselected to the film awards Premis Gaudí and the Premis Goya


The chosen films are ´Via Cruxis’, ‘Cunetas’, ‘La inútil’ and ‘Tomorrow’ that could be seen at the Teatre Zorrilla of Badalona between the 19th and the 28th of October, and that show the high level of Badalona’s short film festival.

‘Via Cruxis’ won the audience award and therefore the Venus de Badalona statuette and 1000 euros as a result of the popular vote.

‘Via Cruxis’ directed by Ignasi López

A total of four short films that could be seen in the last edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, held from the 19th to the 28th of October, have been preselected to the film awards Premis Gaudí and Premios Goya, and now have a real chance of conquering these precious cinematic awards. This fact shows, once again, the good quality and the high level of the competing short films that are presented at the FILMETS festival.

In regard to the XI Premis Gaudí, organised by Acadèmia del Cinema Català, the chosen short films are ‘Via Cruxis’, directed by Ignasi Lopez, and ‘Tomorrow’, directed and written by Andrew Tarbet. The winners of Premis Gaudí will be announced on the Catalan film gala to be held the 27th of January .The nominated short films will be announced prior to the gala, on the 11th of December.

Concerning the 33 Premios Goya, organised by the Acadèmia de les Arts and  Ciències Cinematogràfiques d’Espanya, the preselected short films are ‘Via Cruxis’, directed by Ignasi López; ‘Cunetas’, directed by Pau Teixidor; and ‘La inútil’, directed by Belén Funes. The Premios Goya, the Spanish national film awards will be presented the 2nd of February in a great gala celebrated in Sevilla. These short films can be voted for by all the academics during the next following weeks in order to decide the winners of the Premios Goya.

‘Via Cruxis’, audience award at FILMETS

The short film ‘Via Cruxis’, preselected to the Premis Gaudí as well as the Premios Goya, was the most popular short film in FILMETS Badalona Film Festival. For that it won the audience award endowed with the Venus de Badalona statuette and 1.000 euros.

‘Via Cruxis’ is an 11 minutes long Catalan animation film written and directed by Ignasi López and produced by Ana Vega. The film is about Marcel and Andrezj, two legendary mountaineers and the first ones to reach some of the highest and most difficult summits. Now they are facing the toughest challenge of them all: to conquer the pristine summit of the highest mountain.

‘Tomorrow’, ‘Cunetas’ and  ‘La inútil’

‘Tomorrow’ is a 15 minutes long fiction film. Written and directed by Andrey Tarbot, played by Andreu Marull and Marta Bayarri. The short film explains how a man abandons his family and his farm chased by the memory of a violent affair. From here on he is facing an uncertain future.

‘Cunetas’ is an 18 minutes long fiction film directed by Pau Teixidor and written by the same Pau Teixidor and Albert Auladell. It is played by Manuel Morón, Ana Fernández, Fina Rius and Roser Vilajosana. The film shows how a family of peasants has to stand up against the fascist threat during the Spanish Civil War. Tired of being humiliated, the family takes an unexpected decision.

‘La inútil’ is a 17 minutes long fiction film directed by Belén Funes and written by Belén Funes herself and Marçal Cebrián. The actors are Nausicaa Bonnin, María Rodríguez, Borja Espinosa and Greta Fernández. The film tells the story of Merche, who is going through a difficult moment in her life, and how that affects her best friend Irene.

‘La inútil’ directed by Belén Funes