14 th November 2013 at 20h Teatre Zorrilla

ELLEN IS LEAVING – Nova Zelanda, 2012 – 16’ – Ficció

Ellen is leaving

Director: Michelle Savill

Ellen needs to find her sad-sack of a boyfriend, Hamish, a nice leaving gift to try and help the mutual breakup feel a bit better. When Hamish jokingly suggests she get him a new girlfriend Ellen realises it’s actually the perfect idea and sets out to find him the right girl. But when things start going a bit better, Ellen starts to lose her nerve.

SEUL SUR LA ROUTE – França, 2012 – 7’ 49’’ – Ficció

Seul sur la route

Director: Pascal Singevin

As his car breaks down, an estate agent has to stop in an isolated forest while a dangerous murderer is on the run nearby. While he’s trying to fix the car, a mysterious hunter appears suddenly from the woods and gets closer to the car.

ONCE UPON A TIME – França-Bèlgica, 2012 – 5’ 29’’ – Animació

once upon a time

Director: Pieter de Poortere

Once upon a time… a prince charming looking for of a princess to rescue.

THE HUNTER – Armènia-Rússia, 2013 – 18’ 50’’ – Ficció

the hunter

Director: Ara Arush (Arushanyan)

Dedicated to heroes and mothers. The hunter is a film of our time that shows the relationship of the person to his mother (in the deepest meaning of this word), as the basis for life.

MOONSTRUCK – Suïssa, 2012 – 2’ 13’’ – Animació


Director: Christoph Gabathuler

The love story begins when a young prince hunting in the forest chases a squirrel to a beautiful princess. In an effort to impress her, he shoots with his bow arrow at everything she desires. However, the squirrel has other plans for prince’s happily ever after.

SYNDROMEDA – Suècia, 2013 – 21’ – Ficció

Syndromeda 01

Director: Patrik Eklund

Leif wakes up on the road, naked and bloody, with no memory of what has happened. No one believes him when he claims to have been abducted by aliens.

AMORANDOM – Finlàndia, 2012 – 8’ – Animació


Director: Tuula Leinonen

Animator-pianist Ukko rules the two protagonists’ destinies as he pleases. The couple, Eeva and Ensio fall in love but Ukko plays his mischievous games loading obstacles one after another.

IF WE HAD ONLY TRIED – Àustria, 2012 – 3’ 05’’ – Videoclip

If we had only tried

Director: Reinhold Bidner

If We Had Only Tried is a stop motion animation/music video that tries to deal with topics such as inequities, contradictions, dependencies and balance of power in an ironic and playful way. We are thrown into a quite complex and complicated world, and sometimes feel like puppets in an absurd system we don´t understand.

LONELY BONES – França-Països Baixos, 2012 – 10’ – Animació

lonely bones1

Director: Rosto

A short hallucinating film about making dreams and making sacrifices: “Hail! To all the souls-O. Hiding on rotting floors. Little did they know what they would make today”.

FORTUNE FADED – Alemanya, 2012 – 3’ 11” – Animació


Director: Alexander Heringer

Every moment leads to another one. Thus, to understand one moment one has to know about its background, because everything has a cause and everything has an effect. Fortune Faded describes this principle and tells a story of a fateful concatenation, that finally ends up in fire and ashes.

FEIJOADA COMPLETA – Brasil, 2012 – 20’ – Ficció

Feijoada 08

Director: Angelo Defanti

Pedro is a good guy, nice even asleep, much loved by all. No, this story cannot be about Pedro. It’s about Carol, his wife, and how she can be angry with such kindness. Based on the story by Luis Fernando Verissimo and inspired by the music of Chico Buarque.


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