INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM 16- Aules internacionals


12 de  Novembre 2013 a les 17:30h Teatre Zorrilla

ESPANYA CARINYO, LO NOSTRE NO FUNCIONA – Catalunya, 2013 – 4’ 41’’ – Ficció


Director: Jofre Borràs

“Espanya carinyo, lo nostre no funciona” (‘Spain, my dear, our thing isn’t working’) explains the relationship between Catalonia and Spain from the point of view of a relationship. An amicable separation after years of back and forth. It shows two Catalans who do their best to be Spanish but who seem to be unable to make it.

BALLETT – Noruega, 2012 – 4’ – Ficció


Director: Eivind Tolås

Anna and John have lived together for many years. Everything runs synchronously: habituated, perfect, but then it suddenly goes haywire.

KISS ME!!! – Catalunya, 2012 – 3’ 56’’ – Animació

kiss me 02

Director: José Luis Castro Zapata

Eme, a four-year-old girl, finds, in the middle of a magic forest, a fantastic creature that keeps a surprising secret.

LOS AÑOS DIRÁN – Espanya, 2013 – 15’ – Ficció

fotograma 2

Director: Andrea Jaurrieta

Spain, 2012. Ana and Ivan are going to visit the apartment they bought at the outskirts of the city, still under construction. Her parents go with them. Despite the illusions that she’s put in it, Ana begins to doubt whether this is really the life she has chosen.

BOOTYFUL – Alemanya, 2012 – 4’ 40’’ – Animació


Director: Mareikje Kersting, Maren Collet

Oh, what a bootyful day at the beach!

AN AWFUL LOT OF MONEY – Suècia, 2013 – 15’ – Ficció

An awful lot of money

Director: Jonatan Etzler, Jonatan Sköld

Livia’s life falls apart before her eyes. She remembers what her father told her as a child: ‘As long as you have money you are happy. As long as you have an awful, awful lot of money.’ She sets out to pursue happiness by acquiring an awful lot of money.

THE MISSING SCARF – Canadà, 2013 – 6’ 35’’ – Animació

The missing scarf

Director: Eoin Duffy

A black comedy exploring some of life’s common fears: fear of the unknown, of failure, rejection and finally the fear of death. Narrated by George Takei.

THE GHOST – Catalunya, 2013 – 4’ – Videoclip

the ghost

Director: Víctor Carrey

A curse falls on everyone who wears a pendant.

BIZNESS – Bèlgica, 2012 – 14’ – Ficció


Director: Manu Coeman

By taking down a new job, Tom moves in with his small family in a new city. When Tom is on the point of leaving to work, it notes with horror that its invaluable bicycle was stolen and that there is somebody at the door.

PRISONERS – Espanya, 2013 – 3’ 45’’ – Videoclip


Director: Daniel Calparsoro

Music video “Prisoners”, main theme of the soundtrack of the film Combustión. On a stage as the stage that life itself is, two swordsmen are faced for the love of the same dream.


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