11th  November 2013 at 21h Teatre Zorrilla

LA NUIT DE L’OURS – Suïssa, 2012 – 22’ – Animació


Director: Sam & Fred Guillaume

In a city of disconcerting nature, homeless animals are looking for shelter for the night. They take refuge in the Bear’s house, creating an ephemeral community that will dissolve the first rays of sun. A tale of exclusion as recounted by crossed destinies out of sync.

MONT BLANC – Bèlgica, 2012 – 14’ – Ficció


Director: Gilles Coulier

When an 80-year-old father is declared terminally ill, he asks his son to make a journey together. He wants to see the Mont Blanc. The relationship between father and son isn’t ideal. But with the end of his life in sight, the differences get even more obvious.

RETURN TO SENDER – Noruega, 2012 – 12’ – Ficció

return to sender_still02

Director: Denise Hauser

A female scientist lives a lonely and isolated life on the coast of Greenland. She is looking for the perfect partner to keep her company under such harsh conditions. One day, she discovers a website which enables her to grow her perfect match, but there is a possibility that things may go wrong.

REIZWÄSCHE – Alemanya, 2012 – 1’ 03’’ – Animació


Director: Jelena Walf, Viktor Stickel

Petja and Pasha sit impatiently as aunt Mascha hangs her laundry to dry. The two rascals follow her impudently, clothes pin for clothes pin, seeing her huge but. Finally! Their object of desire! They passionately watch as Mascha’s oversized underpants spread out before them, a silver screen of giant proportions! They take out their projector. Time for a movie!

OBSOLETE 2.0 – Regne Unit, 2012 – 3’ 04’’ – Animació

Obsolete 2.0

Director: Quentin Darras

A film about man’s best friend.

FLYTOPIA – Regne Unit-Hongria, 2012 – 20’ – Ficció


Director: Karni Arieli, Saul Freed

A dark fantastical tale in which a man enters into a pact with all the insect inhabitants of his rural cottage. When Joy leaves, Jonathan receives an array of services in exchange for surrendering a room in his house to the insects. His existence dripping with honey, sex, flies, meat… and a very sticky end.

MALODY – Canadà, 2012 – 12’ – Ficció


Director: Phillip Barker

A young woman, sicker than those who dare eat the food at the all-night diner she’s perched in, catches an eerie reflection of herself as a child, inspiring a topsy-turvy cataclysm, hermetically sealed within a huge wheel rolling through a movie studio.

REALITY 2.0 – Alemanya, 2012 – 11’ – Animació

Reality 2.0

Director: Victor Orozco Ramirez

It was autumn when I arrived in Germany. In these exotic lands, I believed that I could get further away from Mexico, but I was wrong. The drug dealers took me back brutally.

MEN OF THE EARTH – Austràlia, 2012 – 9’ 50’’ – Ficció

Men of the earth

Director: Andrew Kavangh

Traffic is delayed on the edge of a roadwork site, but what are the workers doing?

THE DEVIL’S BALLROOM (MANNEN FRA ISØDET) – Noruega, 2012 – 15’ 30’’ – Ficció


Director: Henrik Martin K. Dahlsbakken

Along his strenuous journey to the North Pole, a chance encounter forces a fearless explorer to make an impossible decision.

WIO – Catalunya, 2012 – 5’ 24’’ – Videoclip


Director: Kike Maíllo

Music video of the song “Wio” by Love of Lesbian.

HOTEL – Espanya, 2012 – 11’ 20’’ – Ficció


Director: Jose Luis Alemán

A man walks exhausted through the desert. The man can barely walk, exhausted, hungry and thirsty. Defeated, he falls into the floor. Between the heat and the cruel sun on the horizon, at a distance, he sees a hotel. His hopes are renewed and in a last effort he staggers towards the entrance. Where must he be?

RAE – Bèlgica, 2012 – 19’ 16’’ – Ficció


Director: Emmanuelle Nicot

The shelter’s address has to remain secret, for her and for the other women. Her cell phone vibrates in her pocket. She is told to turn it off. It is out of question.


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