11, de Novembre 2013 a les 17h Teatre Zorrilla

CONDOM LEAD – Palestina-Jordània, 2013 – 15’ – Ficció

14 condom lead

Director: Ahmad Abou Nasser, Mohammed Abou Nasser

A dream of the hope for intimacy and love in a brutal, divisive world.

DINGI – Bangladesh, 2012 – 6’ 15” – Ficció

Dingi, still with children in color dresses

Director: Veit Helmer i estudiants de la Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS) i la University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (U-Lab)

A group of homeless children take revenge on old boatmen who do not allow them to swim in the river of Dhaka.

GARRA CHARRÚA – Catalunya, 2013 – 15’ – Ficció

Garra charrua

Director: Felipe Bravo

The first day of school is going to be tough for Diego, a Uruguayan boy just landed in Barcelona. Andrés, the repeater of the class, will prevent him from integration. Diego will face Andrés in a football game, but he will only manage to defeat him if he believes in the strength of the “Garra Charrúa”.

FREE JAFAR PANAHI (1/30/10) – Canadà-Suïssa, 2012 – 0’ 35” – Animació

Free jafar panahi 1310

Director: Georges Schwizgebel

Drama represented by the arrest of Jafar Panahi… until he is freed.

.SUB – Espanya, 2012 – 15’ – Ficció


Director: Jossie Malis Álvarez

An African immigrant with communication issues faces bureaucratic difficulties of a strange society in original version.

#STOP – Catalunya, 2013 – 6’ – Ficció


Director: Sergio Barrejón
It happens every day: racist raids, illegal detentions. The government denies it. People look away. Only a few have decided to do something about it.

MI ABUELA – Colòmbia, 2012 – 8’ 08’’ – Animació

mi abuela

Director: Carlos Eduardo Smith

A 7-year-old girl spends a weekend at her grandma’s in the countryside. She is terrified of the wrinkled skin of her grandmother and imagines her as a large gnarled tree. The girl will have to overcome her fears in order to get close to her grandma.

LONELINESS (SOLITUDES) – França, 2012 – 17’ – Ficció

Solitudes 1

Director: Jedlicki Liova

Tudor, a Romanian immigrant, lives in Paris. Married to a French woman and father of two children, he makes money working as an interpreter for the police. One night, he translates a Romanian prostitute’s testimony.

LA BODA – Espanya, 2012 – 12’ – FiccióLa boda

Director: Marina Seresesky

Mirta is Cuban and lives in Madrid. Like many immigrants, she cleans for a living. Today at six p.m. her daughter gets married. But nothing goes as she had planned and make it to that wedding is harder than it should be.


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