The Opening Session of FILMETS will present the Catalan première of Correspondència, the latest short by director Carla Simón, who recently received a prestigious 2020 National Culture Award


The FILMETS inauguration will also include a screening of the documentary Èpica. El llegat de La Fura dels Baus (Epic. The Legacy of La Fura dels Baus), co-produced by La Fura dels Baus and Badalona Comunicació 

This session will take place at 7.30 pm on Friday the 16th of October, in accordance with all public health regulations, at the Teatre Zorrilla

A poster for the short film ‘Correspondència’ and Carla Simón

The Opening Session of the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, which will take place on Friday the 16th of October at 7.30 pm, will include a gala première. Carla Simón’s latest short, Correspondència, will be shown for the first time in Catalonia. Just this morning, Carla Simón received a 2020 National Culture Award, granted by the Catalan National Council of Culture and the Arts (CoNCA).

The Carla Simón film première will be complemented by the screening, also for the first time, of the documentary Èpica. El llegat de La Fura dels Baus (Epic. The Legacy of La Fura dels Baus), co-produced by La Fura dels Baus and Badalona Comunicació.

The Opening Session will be the first of the three audience-attended FILMETS Badalona Film Festival sessions to be held at the Teatre Zorrilla in Badalona. The second will take place the following Saturday with the screening of the short films nominated for the prestigious British BAFTA awards, and on Saturday the 24th, the venue will host the Night of the Venuses closing ceremony. There will also be two more audience-attended sessions held at the Institut français in Barcelona.

All the audience-attended sessions of FILMETS will adhere to the protocols specified by the health regulations, and all those wishing to attend must register online before doing so. Due to the regulations, the capacity of the Teatre Zorrilla will be smaller than in previous years.

Carla Simón and Correspondència

On Friday the 16th of October, Correspondència, the short film directed by Carla Simón and shown at the 68th San Sebastian International Film Festival, will have its first screening in Catalonia. The film will be presented by FILMETS but is not a candidate in the competition.

Carla Simón is currently filming in the Canary Islands and will be unable to attend the FILMETS screening. However, she will be sending a video greeting to all those attending the première at the Teatre Zorrilla. Some of the film’s technical team will be in attendance, as will some of the director’s family members, who have a starring role in the film. The Barcelona director has always collaborated with FILMETS, having first presented a short film at the festival in the early days of her career.

Correspondència portrays a filmed epistolary conversation between two young filmmakers who discuss cinema, their families –both present and past –legacies, and motherhood. Their personal reflections take shape in the sensitive images filmed day by day, until, suddenly, they echo the political emergency of a country.

After its Badalona screening, the 20-minute-long short co-directed by Dominga Sotomayor, will be entered for selection at several A-list film festivals: Berlinale, Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and Locarno. The fact that the film was selected at San Sebastian, also an A-list festival, puts it in a good position for selection at one of these festivals.

Èpica. El llegat de La Fura dels Baus (Epic. The Legacy of La Fura dels Baus)

This year, the Opening Session of FILMETS will have an extra-special première. The documentary Èpica. El llegat de La Fura dels Baus (Epic. The Legacy of La Fura dels Baus), will be shown for the first time. The film is a co-production from La Fura dels Baus and Badalona Comunicació.

Èpica. El llegat de La Fura dels Baus (Epic. The Legacy of La Fura dels Baus) involves the spectator in the creation process of the Information vs Memory workshop. The film analyses the work of La Fura dels Baus Fundació Èpica and evaluates the role of art and science in addressing the modern-day challenges of the information age.

Scientists, artists, researchers, chefs, philosophers and residents of the Manresà neighbourhood of Badalona (where Fundació Èpica has its headquarters) participated in the workshop, which, not only served to create a multi-disciplinary show but also put new theories and technologies to the test. During the 60-minute documentary, the spectator gets a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process behind La Fura dels Baus.

Three more shorts at the Opening Session

The Opening Session of the 46th edition of FILMETS will also offer a small taster of the short films that will subsequently be presented in the International Sessions, and which, therefore, can be viewed online and free of charge.

The three selected shorts are:

  • Bless You!: an animated and dialogue-free Polish short from Paulina Ziolkowska.
  • O28: an animated and dialogue-free French short from Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle and Fabien Meyran.
  • Je suis un trésor egypcien: a fictional French film with Catalan subtitles by Lian Zerrouki.

All the shorts in the competition will be screened online

The 46th edition of the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival will be unlike any other. Among other reasons, because it will be the first time in the 46-year history of the festival that the almost 300 competing shorts can be viewed for free on an online platform. You can access all the competing international sessions simply by visiting the FILMETS website and registering for free.


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