Inaugurated the 43 edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival


The Theatre Zorrilla was full in the first session of the festival, that will celebrate between October 20th to the 29th

Tomorrow Sunday 22, at 18.15 hours, the festival will carry out the session of the guest country, FOCUS FILMETS: Germany, with the presence of the directors of the films

The 43 edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival was open yesterday. Theatre Zorrilla was full in the opening session of the festival, that is been celebrating between October 20th to 29th. Filmets opened with the short candidate to Oscar ‘Le femme et le TGV’, with the presence of the director Timo von Gunten, and the producer, Giacun Caduff.

This year, 250 short films from all the five Continents will be projected on the Official Section. In total, more than 44 hours of films will be screened in the competition sessions.

Sunday afternoon FOCUS Filmets: Germany will be held.  At 18.15 hours will begin the session FOCUS FILMETS: Germany, guest country of this year.

In the session FOCUS FILMETS: Germany, many directors, both male and female, will screen their short films to the audience. Nowadays, shortfilm industry in Germany is one of the most powerful of Europe.

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