FILMETS closes the 44th edition proving a 30% growth in number of visitors as well as an improvement in quality with the presence of leading figures in the world of cinema


A total of 14,531 people have visited FILMETS 2018, among them more than 5,000 pupils from primary and secondary schools, assisting the projections aimed at students.

FILMETS ‘Pro’, a part of the festival directed towards professionals, moves forward and prospers in quality with the session ‘Coproduccions Catalunya-L’Apúlia (Italy). Oportunitats de negoci’.

Teatre Zorrilla

FILMETS, held between the 19th and 28th of October, has closed its 44th edition with an increase of just over 30% in number of visitors in relation to the 2017 edition, going from 6,000 to 8,000 spectators in the 24 competitive sessions.  Some sessions filled the Zorrilla Theater to the brim. During the festival, 210 short films have been projected, all of them having aimed for an award.

In total, 14,531 people have attended the activities within FILMETS, both the Secció Oficial and the OFF FILMETS.  Besides the 8,000 people that have assisted the 24 competitive sessions, it is worth mentioning that 5,136 pupils between 8 and 15 years old have visited the Teatre Blas Infante for the ‘Filmets Primària’ and ‘Filmets Secundària’ projections.

But it is also necessary to add to these excellent numbers of visitors, the 600 people who have assisted in the projections of ‘Filmets a les Biblioteques’, held in all the libraries of Badalona; the 45 children who have participated in the workshops ‘El cinema també s’escolta’; the 600 people who have attended the FILMETS session for everyone and the ‘masterclass’ with the producer and musical engineer Josep Roig Boada in the Teatre Principal; the 100 attendees in the ‘Coproduccions Catalunya-L’Apúlia- meeting. Oportunitats de negoci’ and the 50 attendees at the workshop ‘Mou el teu curt!’.

Qualitative growth in the FILMETS ‘Pro’

The festival has not only grown in terms of visitors. It has also prospered in a qualitative manner, especially within the activities aimed at professionals, the FILMETS ‘Pro’. In this section it is worth mentioning the session ‘Coproduccions Catalunya-L’Apúlia (Italy). Oportunitats de negoci’, which brought together a big part of the Catalan audiovisual industry at FILMETS at the Centre Cultural El Carmen. 100 people participated representing more than 50 production companies, among them Filmax, Mediapro, Diagonal TV, Nova Veranda, Mallerich Films, Lavínia, etc.

From the Italian side there were seven production companies attending, including the presence of a representative from the Apulia Film Commission.

The workshop ‘Mou el teu curt’, aimed at short film filmmakers, was also a success. This session’s main focus was on advising what you can do to promote and distribute your film when it is finished.

From everything that has happened during FILMETS, one of the highlights was that Ninetto Davoli, the controverted Italian director Pier Paolo Pasoline’s favourite actor, was awarded FILMETS’ Premi Honorífic 2018. Another unforgettable moment was the projection of the film ‘Pinocchio’, recorded in 1911, accompanied by live electronic music.

Finally, we must not forget two specialized sessions: those that commemorated the 50th anniversary of May ’68, and the short films directed by Pasolini. This year’s guest country was Italy.