FILMETS Badalona Film Festival gets to its final stage next Friday after a week of screening in the three public theatres of Badalona


La Nit de les Venus, the festival’s closing ceremony, will take place the 28th at 22 h in Teatre Zorrilla

In this special session all the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival’s awards will be presented

On Friday 27th of October, the 43th Edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, a world level short films contest, gets to its final stage. Since last Friday in the official section a total number of 250 short films from the five continents have been screened.

For the first time, the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, organized by Badalona Comunicació, has been present in the three municipal theatres of Badalona: Teatre Zorrilla, Teatre Principal and Teatre Blas Infante. A session has also taken place in the Institut français of Barcelona as well as and several sessions aimed at professionals, FILMETS Pro.

FILMETS of the Mediterranean

Tomorrow, Friday 27th of October, the festival has two highlights. At 19 h the FILMETS of the Mediterranean session will take place in Teatre Zorrilla, with a total of 10 short films made by countries next to the Mediterranean Sea. There are short films from Italy, Turkey, Greece and Catalonia.

Last official session with a short film with Claudia Cardinale

The other high point on Friday will be the last competing session, which will start at 21 h, also at Teatre Zorrilla. The French short film L’aveugle et la Cardinale will be screened. It has been directed by Frédrérick Laurent and performed, among others, by Claudia Cardinale.

Finally, the film closing the festival is the British Blue Borsalino, directed by Mark Lobato.

La Nit de les Venus’, Saturday 28th at 22 h at Teatre Zorrilla

La Nit de les Venus, the closing ceremony of the festival were the prizes will be awarded to the best short films, will be located in Teatre Zorrilla on Saturday the 28th of October at 22 h and will be broadcasted by Televisió de Badalona and other TV stations connected to La Xarxa. The event will be presented by TV3 journalist, Lídia Heredia, together with the Badalona Comunicació journalist, Carles Tornero.

Awards are worth 9.500 euros. The Venus de Badalona will be granted to the following categories: best film, best animation film, best documentary, best Badalonian production, best Catalan production, best Spanish production, best Euopean Union production, best audience award and special jury award.