FILMETS film festival boosts its professional side with the working session entitled ‘Coproduccions Catalunya-L’Apúlia (Itàlia). Oportunitats de negoci’


Through this encounter, FILMETS wants to show itself not only as a platform for the promotion of short films, but also as a meeting point for the film industry

FILMETS has boosted this year the professional side of the festival. To this effect, it has organised the working session ‘Coproduccions Catalunya-L´Apulia (Itàlia) Oportunitats de negoci’ in collaboration with the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya, the Italian Distretto Produttivo Puglia Creativa and the Apulia Film Comission.

Within the framework of the Apulia Film Fund (2018-2020), that has a budget allocation of 10 million euros, the session has been a unique business opportunity for Catalan producers. It has also been a meeting point to promote film projects and foster new agreements as a way to encourage the cooperation between Catalan and Italian producers from the Apulia region.

Roberto Corciulo, from the Apulia Film Commission, noted that “The presentation at FILMETS of the European fund programme for coproductions has been a great opportunity for us to show the kind of work that we do in Italy”. “Being able to show our productive capacity and our opportunities for collaboration to the Catalan producers –who are among the strongest Spanish producers– has been very important for our region. And, frankly, it has gone quite well.”

Miquel Rutllan, president of the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya, stated that “Given the fact that the aim of clusters is precisely to help companies be more competitive, this meeting at FILMETS has been very helpful, as Italian and Catalan companies have been able to exchange their projects. This is of great importance for us.”

Josep Viñeta Balsells, CEO at Badalona Comunicació said that “With this meeting, FILMETS takes a significant step, because we present the festival not only as a platform for short film promotion, but also as a meeting point for the industry. The meeting has been attended by seven producing companies from the Apulia Region and by roughly 50 Catalan producing companies, which are the most important in Spain. This makes us one of the main meeting points in the industry of short films and in the audio-visual industry in general.”