International session 22


October 23rd 2014 at 22h – Teatre Zorrilla

Portugal, 2014 – 20’00’’ – FictionHOSPEDARIA 04
Direction & Script: Pedro Neves

An old inn in central Porto hosted people with few possessions for many years, until the landlady, who sub rented the rooms, handed out the key to the owner. Almost everything was left behind .A diary written by a child brings us to the kind of atmosphere – dark and violent – that would be lived in the inn.

Belgium, 2014 – 04’00’’ – Videoclipfire
Direction: Nicolas Guiot

Music video for the song Fire by My Little Cheap Dictaphone.

Lithuania, 2013 – 10’06’’ – Fictionthe papers_still_001
Direction: Kalle Kotila

Two neighbours are co-workers in an open-plan office. One of them loves order and safe routines, the other one is a comfort orientated slacker. These two rivals are bound for conflict. Fate reminds that you can’t manipulate life, nor you should waste it.

Netherlands, 2013– 02’30’’ – AnimationMac-n-Cheese-Supermarket-3
Direction: Colorbleed Animation Studios

Mac’n’Cheese Supermarket is the sequel to the Vimeo hit Mac’n’Cheese. Skinny and Big apply for a job at the local supermarket hoping to make money for a vacation. They quickly lose track of their initial goal and things start speeding to disaster.

Poland, 2013 – 07’00″ – Animationars-moriendi-2

Direction & Script: Milosz Marganski

To what extend can our life be planned? Do we ever let the coincidence influence our plans? The main protagonist’ struggles with the surrounding reality are performed in the context of the Art of Dying a medieval manual on the procedures of reaching the salvation through a “dignified” death.

Germany, 2013 – 08’00’’ – Fictionhappy b-day
Direction & Script: Holger B. Frick

When a young boy starts running in the forest in the early morning he has no idea of the surprise waiting for him in such a special day. How could he know? It’s his birthday, after all.

Austria, 2012 – 13’40’’ – Fictionsplit perfect

Direction & Script: Balazs Juszt

Two couples split up the very same night in the very same bar to the very same jazz tunes. Adam leaves the woman of his life, while Eve leaves the man of her life and they both cite the same reasons. Word for word…

Slovenia, 2012 – 19’57’’ – FictionAMELIA 01_foto Peter Hvalica_300
Direction: Blaz Zavrsnik

A Romanian teen joins organized beggars on a trail for a better life, but when the group starts their vagrant journey in Slovenia, she struggles whether or not to accept the questionable rules of the game.


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