International session 21


Octubre 23rd 2014 a les 20h – Teatre Zorrilla

Spain, 2013 – 27’00” – DocumentalMinerita1
Direction & Script: Raúl de la Fuente

Cerro Rico is a lawless land. Miners risk their lives in unsteady tunnels to obtain silver and zinc. Those who survive think they have the right to do anything. The women hunt begins. Minerita is the story of three women work in the mine and struggle to survive in a living hell. Their only weapon: courage… and dynamite.

France, 2012 – 14’26’’ – Animationl'art des thanatier
Direction: David Le Bozec

In the 18th century, Prosper Thanatier, is the latest in a long lineage of executioners. At the dawn of the Revolution, he is forced to abandon his tools and ancestral knowledge in favour of a new execution machine. Deprived of his former lifestyle, Prosper doesn’t fit in this new world and refuses to see his role as executor relegated to a mere machine.

Lituania, 2013 – 10’06’’ – Fictionthe bomb
Direction & Script: Robertas Nevecka

Eric and Tim have discovered a rusty old hand grenade while playing in the woods. The grenade detonates. Eric runs away home leaving his friend behind and not knowing what happened to him. Prompted by a sense of guilt he decides to go out and find his friend.

France, 2013 – 17’43’’ – Fictionnarvalo
Direction & Script: Christophe Switzer

Bubba robs his old boss, a racist store owner from the neighborhood, who had stolen from him for years, from his pay. The heist would have been perfect but Bubba had the great idea of getting a childhood friend, Slim, involved, a real Narvalo.

India/United Kindom, 2014 – 07’00’’ – Fiction6 cup chai
Direction: Laila Khan

The story is about a boy who lives and works as a tea boy in Mumbai’s poorest slum, Dharavi. He has a simple wish, to go to school like the rest of the children.

United Kindom, 2013 – 3’00’’- Animationbecouse i am a girl
Direction: Raj Yagnik, Shona Hamilton, Mary Matheson

One out of three girls are denied an education.

France, 2014 – 08’00’’ – FictionAISSA
Direction & Script: Clément Tréhin-Lalanne

Aïssa is Congolese and is presently residing illegally on French territory. She claims to be a minor however the authorities believe she is over 18. In order to establish whether or not she can remain in the country a doctor must give her a physical examination.

Poland, 2012 – 28’00” – Documentalmy house without me_FOTOS_3
Direction: Magdalena Szymków

Two women, one house. An intimate story about a Pole and a German placed by war on enemy sides and their lives accidentally brought together. The film reflects on the concepts of invaders, victim, guilt and forgiveness. It confronts different experiences and their paradoxical similarities.

Spain, 2013 – 07’00’’ – Fictionsin respuesta
Direction & Script: Miguel Parra

Lola does her work without thinking too much of it. She works for a bank and calls those with higher debts to remember them that no excuses are acceptable when it comes to money. The phone allows her to keep the distance but one day everything goes wrong and she is left with no answers.

Belgium, 2013 – 08’30’’ – Animationkassa9
Direction & Script: Anna Heuninck

Cashier Olga spends her days unnoticed in the supermarket. An insignificant incident upsets her daily rut. For a moment we get a glimpse of her private dreams. This animated film is a personal look at everyday’s events that do not always get the attention they deserve.



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