International session 2


October 18th 2014 at 17:30h – Teatre Zorrilla

New Zealand, 2014 – 09’47’’ – Fictioninorganic
Direction: Maria-Elena Doyle

When Sam’s father dies on inorganic garbage collection day, Sam considers it an opportune time to clear out all the old stuff from his father’s house. The old stuff also includes dear old Dad. The only problem is that Dad is organic and the rubbish collector refuses to take him.

Island, 2013 – 14’00’’ – FictionVIKINGAR 6
Direction: Magali Magistry

Iceland, year 1000. Magnus, a fearless Viking warrior, confronts Bjarni the Berserker who abducted his wife and child. Their rivalry is only beginning.

France, 2013 – 07’00’’ – AnimationLe scenariste2
Direction: Brotot Fanny, Degenève Loic, Joly Nicolas, Walle Marion, Zamiri Emilie

The love story between an actress and a scriptwriter comes to an end on a boat, in the 1930s.

United Kingdom, 2013 – 07’31’’ – FictionLosing It Screen Grab 1
Direction: Kristof Deak

This short film follows the lives of two young lovers, one a trainee doctor, the other his slightly younger girlfriend. They have a massive decision to make which will change their lives and relationship forever. Will they go through with their plan or not?

Brasil, 2013 – 16’00’’ – FictionPRETO_OU_BRANCO_01
Direction: Alison Zago

Brazil, 1970. During the Brazilian dictatorship, the journalist Eduardo Pena will discover that his conscience can be the worst enemy.

United Kingdom, 2013 – 03’25’’ – AnimationFERAL
Direction & Script: Max Vickers-Price

Set in a future dystopian world, a boy gets addicted to a metamorphic drug known as ‘eka’. As his yearning and curiosity for the drug grows, he goes in search of more. This will have ‘monstrous’ consequences as the boy become completely consumed by his addiction.

United Kingdom, 2014 – 14’00’’ – Fictionmr.invisible
Direction: Greg Ash

A lonely old man seems invisible to the world around him. But, when he journeys to the heart of London, being ‘invisible’ proves to be this greatest weapon.

Spain, 2013 – 06’00’’ – FictionINERTIAL_LOVE
Direction and Script: César Esteban Alenda, José Esteban Alenda

The relationship between Javier and Anna runs out of gas. She hits the brakes and Javier is dragged by inertia until he learns to get over it.

United Kingdom, 2012 – 13’00” – Fictionvoorman-martin-tom
Direction: Mark Gill

Psychiatrist Doctor Williams is called to examine Voorman, a prisoner with a peculiar affliction; he believes he is a god.

Spain, 2013 – 09’00” – Animationsangre de unicornio
Direction: Alberto Vázquez

Two teddy bears set out to hunt unicorns, their favourite prey. Unicorns have a delicate meat and their delicious berry flavour is essential for the teddy bears to stay pretty.


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