INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM 7: Filmets en família


10th  November 2013 at 12h Teatre Zorrilla/12:30h Círcol

EL VENDEDOR DE HUMO – Espanya, 2012 – 6’ 35’’ – Animació

El vendedor de humo

Director: Jaime Maestro

A salesman comes to town offering to fulfil the dreams of its inhabitants. He will have to deploy his potential to attract them and win some money before, like in all dreams, it all disappears and they wake up.

THE SUNSHINE EGG – Regne Unit, 2012 – 5’ 40’’ – Animació


Director: Michael Haas

Lotte, a battery hen, vainly struggles to fulfil her daily duty and just doesn’t accomplish what’s required. With a little twinkle of the eye this film projects human social problems into a hen house.

ALWAYS OUT THERE – Hong Kong, 2011 – 2’ 20’’ – Animació


Director: Joe Kwun

A sweltering summer, a fast-paced city, an unlikely encounter between a lonesome boy and the big white bear. The bear shares his many tales, and shows the boy a world out of his urban experience.

SHAVE IT – Espanya, 2013 – 5’ – Ficció


Director: Fernando Maldonado, Jorge Tereso

In a jungle where giant bulldozers shave the vegetation, a monkey finds a razor and decides to use it. With a human appearance, he moves to the city and sets out to climb society’s ladder.

MACROPOLIS – Regne Unit-Irlanda del Nord, 2012 – 7’ – Animació


Director: Joel Simon

Two disabled squeaky toys escape from the factory and find themselves lost and alone in an urban world full of over-sized humans, moving speedily around them.

ZULU – Tailàndia, 2011 – 4’ – Animació


Director: Pattayawat Tuppiree

A tiny zulu’s soldier wants to impress his princess.

SUN-KNAPPING – França, 2011 – 6’ 43’’ – Animació


Director: Martial Fontan, Guillaume Hoffmann, Boris Kaufmann, Déborah Yver

A little girl, whose only friend is her own shadow, steals everything shiny. Insatiable, she will end up stealing the sun…

LUNCH TIME – Taiwan, 2011 – 3’ – Animació


Director: Lance Chien

Two good friends, a beagle and a seagull, are hungry and looking for food around a tree in a park. Then, a neat freak shows up with his lunch box.

SWEET DREAM – Corea del Sud, 2012 – 6’ 43’’ – Animació

Sweet dream

Director: Go Myeongjin

Three monsters come out from a storybook and cooperate to eat the dream of a sleeping child. However, things start to go wrong as the monsters get greedy.

DORON CORON – Japó, 2012 – 3’ – Animaciódoron coron Director: Yuichi Ito

DoronCoron is a boy made of dirt that came alive in an unexpected way. After leaving his town, DoronCoron meets various kinds of creatures throughout the year, communicates with them, and then returns to the soil eventually.

MONSTERBOX – França, 2012 – 7’ – Animació


Director: Ludovic Gavillet

A little girl walks in a flowershop held by a grumpy old man. However she isn’t there to buy flowers but little houses for her monsters.

THE LITTLE RED PAPER SHIP – Alemanya, 2013 – 13’ – Animació

Fusion x64 TIFF File

Director: Aleksandra Zareba

A poetic story about the courage to venture out into the big wide world.

MIRIAM’S KITE (MIRIAMI TUULELOHE) – Estònia, 2013 – 5’ – Animació

Miriam's kite

Director: Riho Unt

The hen enjoys playing around with kites. When Miriam has no more time for it, the hen convinces the little brother to go along. But the kite is too big for him and it flies him up to a treetop. Miriam and the hen need to act fast to get him down.

FEAR OF FLYING – Irlanda, 2012 – 10’ – Animació

Fear of flying

Director: Conor Finnegan

A small bird with a fear of flying tries to avoid heading South for the winter.

DUM SPIRO – França, 2012 – 6’ 19’’ – Animació

Fusion x64 TIFF File

Director: Boris Cailly, Brieuc Guenole, Jean-Baptiste Hardion, Thomas Lemoine, Sébastien Wackowiez

During a campaign, a roman runner is sent to the German camp to deliver a message before the battle.


The delirious tales (les fables en delire)

Director: Fabrice Luang Vija

Take three animals: in the farm, in the desert and in the jungle. Put them together, although the meeting seems improbable. And you’ll have the moral of the tale.

LIFT OFF – Països Baixos, 2012 – 4’ 05’’ – Animació

Lift off

Director: Sandra Welte

Joey is a clumsy bird that cannot fly because of his small wings. But when he finds the love of his live at the top of a tall tree he has to be inventive.


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