9th Novembre 2013 at 23:30h Teatre Zorrilla

LOS CRÍMENES DEL DÍA DE TODOS LOS SANTOS – Espanya, 2013 – 22’ – Ficció

Los crimenes del dia de todos los santos

Director: Héctor Escandell, Vicente Torres

El mítico director de cine Antonio Isasi presenta Los crímenes del día de Todos los Santos, que tuvieron lugar en Ibiza durante los años 50 y 60, hasta que finalmente el culpable fue arrestado y ejecutado en 1974.

COMME DES LAPINS (CHRONIQUES DE LA POISSE, CHAP. 2) – França, 2012 – 8’ – Animació


Director: Osman Cerfon

The fish-headed man pursues his gloomy ride in a funfair, randomly distributing his bubbles of doom. As the title suggests, it is mainly a matter of rabbits, but do not forget about the crows!

PEQUEÑOS ELECTRODOMÉSTICOS – Espanya, 2012 – 9’ – Ficció

pequeños electrodomesticos3

Director: Manuel Arija

Two strangers in their first date are going to have a quite uncommon encounter.

FIST OF JESUS – Catalunya, 2012 – 14’ 40’’ – Ficció

Fist of jesus

Director: David Muñoz, Adrián Cardona

Jesus is always willing to help those in need, but there will be others that will experience His fist.

HAM STORY (O ŠUNCE) – República Txeca, 2012 – 5’ 37” – Animació

ham story

Director:Eliska Chytková

A story about everyday ordinariness of life and about imagination, held in chains for so long, now released with all its might; about an innocent children’s game of playing God.

SOLO PARA SUPERVIVIENTES – Catalunya, 2013 – 30’ – Documental

Solo para supervivientes

Director: Javier R. Cortés, Guillermo A. Chaia

Story of the comic magazine El Víbora, whose pages were full of sex, drugs, violence and black humour that portrait the then present reality of the streets during the Spanish transition, especially in Barcelona.

CHAMBRE 69 – Suïssa, 2012 – 3’ – Animació

Chambre 69

Director: Claude Barras

A road leads through a barren desert landscape. A car parks in front of a motel. A man with a box under his arm gets out and storms into room 69.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ZOMBIE – Bèlgica, 2012 – 7’ – Ficció

happy birthday mr zombie

Director: David Leclercq

Mr Zombie comes back home after a hard day’s work. He opens the door and… Surprise!

BRAISE – França, 2013 – 7’ – Animació


Director: Hugo Frassetto

During an evening with friends, a young man is unfaithful to his girlfriend when seduced by a pretty, exuberant young woman. This starts tongues wagging and the gossip begins…

RABBID – França, 2011 – 3’ 34 – Animació


Director: Claire Pedot i Luis Nieto

The hand of God and a fraction of animal rabies are bored.

FLY – Canadà, 2012 – 3’ – Animació


Director: David Uloth

Animated comedy about a young woman who is rudely disturbed by a fly. The fly wants her iced-coffee, the woman wants to read her muscle magazine, and all hell is about to break loose.

STUDIES ON HYSTERIA – Alemanya, 2012 – 8’ – Ficció

Studies on hysteria

Director: Gabriel Borgetto, Bernd Faaß, Matthias Bäuerle

The residents of Adam’s village live peacefully in taintless nudity, because clothing is yet to be discovered. Until one day Adam finds something peculiar on a clearance in the woods. How will the residents react to Adam’s discovery?

HISTÒRIA D’ESTE – Espanya, 2011 – 7’ – Animació

Historia d'este

Director: Pascual Pérez

In an old neighbourhood theatre they play the story of Este, a very normal guy with a daily routine of coffee, cognac and beer. An animated tale about alcoholism.


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