15th November 2013 at 19h Teatre Zorrilla

ALONE – Catalunya, 2013 – 3’ 20’’ – Ficció


Director: Athenea Harrington

A man runs away. Everything around him has disappeared, he’s alone. He runs away… But, what are you running from when you don’t have a start point?

IL RESPIRO DELL’ARC – Itàlia, 2011 – 10’ 51’’– Ficció

Il respiro de l'arco

Dierctor: Enrico Maria Artale

A girl tries to attune her breathing to the movements of her bow, arrow after arrow. But her sporting talent hides her need to retrieve a primitive, violent instinct, an archetype.

TAP TO RETRY – Israel, 2012 – 4’ 26’’ – Animació


Dierctor: Neta Cohen

Tap to retry comprises a series of short visual metaphors for the way we conduct ourselves in an era of information overload. It presents a tangible interpretation of vague, undefined ideas, accentuating the disorientation we all feel, living in a world where real and virtual constantly mix and shift.

HISTOIRE BELGE – França, 2012 – 25’ – Ficció

Histoire belge

Director: Benjamin Leherissey, Izidor Leitinger

Muriel is almost 40 and still doesn’t have children. Time is running out, says her biological clock. On top of that… Muriel is gay! Against her girlfriend’s reticence, she decides to try her luck in a famous Belgian hospital, where artificial insemination is possible in her case.

TIME 2 SPLIT – França, 2012 – 4’ 38’’ – Ficció

Time 2 Split photo 1

Dierctor: Fabrice Bracq

A couple, a young child. Life is such that sometimes it is time to separate and live your life.

STRINGS – Israel, 2012 – 11’ 23’’ – Animació


Director: Tal Arbiv, Lior Golan

A marionette puppet with aspirations of glory realises that the way to fulfil them is not that simple when you are a puppet with feelings.

ANIVERSARI – Catalunya, 2013 – 12’ – Ficció


Director: Anna Petrus

Today is Carla’s fifth birthday but her father hasn’t prepared her any birthday cake.

GOLD – Israel, 2013 – 3’ – Videoclip


Director: Uzi Amir

Music video of the song “Gold”, by Sharon Holzman.

THE CRONONAUT – Catalunya-Suïssa, 2012 – 15’ – Ficció

the crononaut

Director: Desirée Haupts

The Coronaut tells the story of a mysterious astronaut who travels to the Earth to awaken an old machine capable of governing the physical laws of the planet and save humanity from self-destruction.

BARCELONA KALEIDOLAPSE – Catalunya, 2013 – 4’ 41’’ – Videoclip

Barcelona kaleidolapse

Director: Antonio Rodríguez Canto

Barcelona from a kaleidoscopic perspective.

SATÉLITE – Catalunya, 2013 – 6’ – Ficció


Director: Jorge Rodriguez

Some hikers camping, a couple on a sailboat and a group trapped in an elevator are a reflection of what is happening to the rest of the population. Maybe everything that happened is a new opportunity for humankind.


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