15 de Novembre 2013 a les 16h Teatre Zorrilla

THE BULL LAID BEAR – Àustria-Austràlia, 2012 – 24’ – Documental

The bull laid bear

Director: Oliver Ressler, Zanny Begg

The Bull Laid Bear “lays bare” the economic recession (bear market) that hides behind each boom time (bull market). The film combines interviews with four US economists with hand-drawn animations to create a quasi-fictious criminal world of gangster bankers and corrupt courts.

BILLIE’S BLUES – França, 2013 – 14’ – Animació


Director: Louis Jean Gore

Billie Broussard is young, black and has the innocence of youth. But she soon realizes that rebellious love gives birth to tragedy. A tragedy that would have torn her up had she not believed in her grandmother’s old Voodoo power.

SEQUENCE – Catalunya-Estats Units d’Amèrica, 2013 – 20’ – Ficció


Director: Carles Torrens

What if you wake up one day and realise that everyone has dreamed about you?

A GIRL NAMED ELASTIKA – Canadà, 2012 – 4’ – Animació

A girl name elastika

Director: Guillaume Blanchet

Elastika is not like any other little girls. First, because she is made of elastics. Also because her universe is a land of cork. Her journey is also one of a kind, as she jumps from one building to another, crosses an ocean solo or travels to space holding on to a firework rocket.

BROKEN HEART SYNDROME – Canadà, 2012 – 16’ – Ficció

Broken heart syndrome

Director: Dusty Mancinelli

After a traumatic break up, Russ Kaufman is diagnosed with a rare disease known as Broken Heart Syndrome and desperately tries to find a cure that will mend his broken heart before it’s too late.

LA COLLE AU PINCEAU – França, 2013 – 1’ 15’’ – Animació

La colleau au Pinceau (0-00-03-11)

Director: Julien Loth, Johannie Gagnon, Camille Bertrand-Sapin

A short clip from the song “La Colle Au Pinceau” by Les Frères Jacques.

TEREZA DRATVOVÁ, BORN 1989 – República Txeca, 2012 – 16’ – Ficció

Tereza dratvova

Dierctor: Adam Sedlák

What led Tereza D. to such an act? Why are cars, hidden under the roof in our yards, safer than people, and what are the chances of escaping from here? An existential thriller shot in one take.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Estònia, 2011 – 12’ – Animació

Happy birthday

Director: Riho Unt

Happy Birthday is an outlook about the duel between the bible hero Jesus and a man-made robot. Does the robot manage to break the formed dogmas and convert the religion into his favour or will the status quo remain firm?

ROBOTA – Catalunya-Estats Units d’Amèrica, 2013 – 6’ 45’’ – Animació


Director: David Braun, Victor Sala

#robot, #woman, #room, #isolation, #technology, #pills, #entertainment, #food, #happiness, #spying, #curiosity, #spiral, #fairy tale, #relationship, #past, #present, #future, #machine, #desire, #Ona, #dream.

HOME – Estats Units d’Amèrica, 2012 – 15’ 25’’ – Ficció


Director: Ari Issler, Ben Snyder

In the aftermath of her house party, Marissa’s brother, Tommy discovers he’s been robbed. With their livelihood threatened and no parents to protect them, Tommy attempts to recuperate his stolen property, seeking revenge on the culprit despite his sister’s pleas.

NESSUN DORMA – Catalunya, 2012 – 14’ 48’’ – Ficció

Nessun Dorma 5

Director: Fabián Matas

Laura moves in with Manuel. She is in love and has great plans for the future. Unfortunately things are not as she had expected.


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