14th November 2013 at 17h Teatre Zorrilla

DER PHILATELIST -Alemanya, 2012 – 7’ 20’’ – Ficció

Der philatelist

Director: Jan-Gerrit Seyler

Hugo lives alone in his own world where symmetry and tidiness reign. One day, his most favourite stamp with an Indian rickshaw motive decides to get blown out of the window. Leaving his room becomes inevitable. Like a little fairy the stamp drives him further and further into the liveliness of Hamburg’s port where Hugo experiences an adventure that will change his life.

POHYPER – Taiwan, 2012 – 3’ – Animació


Director: Hui-Ching Tseng

This is a comedy of the imagination; it can be much wilder than the real life.

IMPERI – VÀLIUS – Catalunya, 2013 – 2’ 27’’ – Videoclip


Director: Anna Diaz, Marc Luelmo

Music video for Vàlius made of images from mannerist Roman films.

BALLET STORY – Alemanya, 2011 – 9’ – Ficció


Director: Daria Belova

Another day at the ballet school. Classes’ routine goes as usual, when Sophie notices a boy outdoors, on the street. He was here yesterday already. She finds him mysterious; maybe she likes him, but doesn’t dare to do anything with it.

OPERA BUFFA – Alemanya, 2012 – 4’ 30’’ – Ficció


Director: Halina Dyrschka

Life is wonderful. It just depends on how you look at it. With the right approach you can make your everyday life as beautiful as possible. So this couple is definitively having a wonderful evening at the opera.

FAT – França, 2011 – 5’ 45’’ – Animació


Director: Gary Fouchy, Yohann Auroux Bernard, Sebastien de Oliveira Bispo

A small isolated farm is struck by a strange phenomenon.

ALLEGRO – Corea del Sud, 2011 – 12’ 42’’ – Animació

Allegro (1)

Director: Joo Yoon-cheol

A delivery man delivers his parcels by running on foot until his boss orders him to do it by car. Then one day, he carries blood packs that are urgently needed at the hospital by running. Thanks to this, his boss gives him a new pair of sneakers with the company logo.

LOUCHEBEM – França, 2012 – 5’ 13’’ – Animació


Director: Fabien Masson, Théo Girettes, Stéphanie Grard, Boris Laprade

Paris, 1950. Depressed by the loss of his wife, a butcher has lost all reasons to live. The sudden arrival of a teasing fly is going to make him get through his period of mourning.

DIE WUNDERSAME WELT DES MAX X. – BÜROALLTAG – Alemanya-Regne Unit, 2012 – 2’ 44’’ – Animació

Die wundersdame welt des max x.

Director: Dave Packer

Max x., the hero of the series, is a young, modern European who is increasingly isolated and overwhelmed by his everyday battle for survival. In his humorous, sometimes philosophical manner, he holds up a mirror to our 21st century lifestyles, without saying a single word.

LITTLE RYAN – Bèlgica, 2012 – 4’ – Animació


Director: Aad Verstraelen

A small bird has a limitless admiration for the airplanes he sees up in the sky. He wants to fly just like them!

EL HAMBRE – Catalunya, 2013 – 13’ – Ficció

El hambre

Director: Pau Durà

Post-war. A family (father, mother and son) reach a farmhouse looking for a shelter. The owner lets them stay temporarily in exchange for work. One of the farm rabbits dies of a disease and the owner orders the father to bury it. The family, starving, doubt whether to eat it or not.

MI PAPÁ ES DIRECTOR DE CINE – Espanya, 2012 – 4’ – Ficció

Mi papa es director de cine

Director: Germán Roda

Hello, my name is Alba, I am 4, and my daddy is a film director.


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