13 de Novembre 2013 a les 17h Teatre Zorrilla

FLYING LOTUS – TINY TORTURES – Regne Unit, 2012 – 3’ 24’’ – Videoclip

Flying lotus

Director: David Lewandowski

Things get weird in the new Elijah Wood-starring clip for Flying Lotus’ “Tiny Tortures”, off his latest record Until the Quiet Comes. In the video, Wood plays a former baseball player who’s lost an arm. He’s laying in bed when all of a sudden the tchotchkes and knick-knacks in his room swarm together to form a robotic-esque new arm.

LEO CRECIENTE – Espanya, 2012 – 9’ – Animació

Leo creciente

Director: Rubén Mateo-Romero

Leo, a young fly who’s alone in the world, finds company in a grumpy, old professor.

LO INDECIBLE – Xile-Espanya, 2012 – 14’ 03’’ – Documental

Lo indecible

Director: Carolina Daniella, Astudillo Muñoz

In November 1974, the director of a small school in Santiago was kidnapped and taken to a detention centre by agents of Chile, who accused her of belonging to the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR). Her story, rather than remembering her passing through underground detention, focuses on the impossibility of narrating an experience of this kind.

ONDEK – Canadà, 2013 – 6’ 20’’ – Ficció


Director: Louis-Martin Charest

A merchant sailor orchestrates what is to be his last night in the company of his crewmates. A celebration ensues, in which reality seems to sway towards the euphoric.

BEIGE – Espanya, 2012 – 6’ – Ficció


Director: Triana Lorite

Love… is a game, a ghoulish one.

INTUS – Bèlgica, 2013 – 12’ 30’’ – Ficció


Director: Gary Seghers

A man wakes up with a start. He is walled up in his own bedroom. His only link with the outside world is a telephone, but it doesn’t work. Faced with the events that unfold in this enclosed environment, the man is confronted with himself and his past.

SHADOW – Corea del Sud, 2012 – 3’ 45’’ – Animació

Shadow (1)

Director: Kim Seung-Rae

There is a seamstress who creates a shadow. Filled with greed for the beauty, people ask her to create their own shadow. Shadows of desire become existent and eat people. Eventually the shadow does not cover human vanity, and explodes.

BUUMES – Suïssa, 2012 – 18’ – Ficció


Director: Martin Guggisberg

Encounters in the hallway of a Swiss housing estate lead to a neighbourly invitation. What starts out as a cosy evening takes an unexpected ending. It gets late, very late, but the guests (Mr. And Mrs. Baumann, or “the Buumes”) remain seated on the sofa in Stettlers’ living room and are still there the next morning.

MELDRUM HOUSE – Hongria-Regne Unit, 2012 – 15’ – Ficció

Meldrum house

Director: Attila Árpa

Inspector Milton Pritchett is on his way to Aberdeenshire to investigate a usual case. On what would have been their first night of marriage, with all the guests still in the house, the husband kills his newly wed wife, and hangs himself a few days later in a prison cell. A murder. A body. A murderer. Case closed? Not quite.

LOST SENSES – Polònia, 2013 – 6’ 05’’ – Animació

Luisa no esta en casa

Director: Marcin Wasilewski

A short story about an encounter in an abstract world, stylised as the paintings of De Chirico. A man is going to meet a woman in the market square, but numerous items flying in the air (pieces of walls or pillars) keep distracting him.

LA TERCERA HISTORIA – Espanya, 2013 – 12’ – Ficció

La tercera historia

Director: Amanda Rodríguez

For Oscar, the days go by between a coffee, a latte, a tea. Until one rainy night he sees a girl through the window. He just thinks: “I wish she came in”. And she comes in…

FARMER JACK – Països Baixos-Irlanda-Bèlgica, 2012– 13’ 30’’ – Animació

Farmer Jack300

Director: Arjan Wilschut

Jack Jansen is leading a happy farmer’s life. When prices suddenly drop, he is caught in a dramatic downward spiral, having to work harder for less money. A salesman and a scientist seem to have a solution, but will this put an end to his trouble?


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