9th November 2013 at 16h – Teatre Zorrilla

BELGIAN PSYCHO – Bèlgica, 2012 – 9’ – Ficció

Belgian psycho

Direccio: Katia Olivier

Today is Emily’s birthday. And how does a serial killer celebrate her birthday? By killing… a little bit more than usual.

HONK IF YOU ARE HORNY – Nova Zelanda, 2012 – 11’ – Ficció

Honk If You're Horny Publicity Still

Director: Joe Lonie
An enigmatic young musician becomes the captive audience for a crusty old cab driver’s hilarious dirty story on the taxi ride from hell.
PLAYGROUND (MIS’HAK YELADIM) – Israel, 2011 – 9′ – Ficció


Director: Elad Primo

12-year-old Kfir is being dragged again by his friend Aviram to play in the open fields, far from their village. When he realizes that today they are going to play with a shotgun Aviram stole, Kfir decides to do the right thing, which requires him to deal with his fears.

ASUNTO DE GALLOS – Colòmbia, 2011 – 16’ – Ficció

Asunto de Gallos

Director: Joan Gómez Endara

Father and son Vicente and Ricardo are cock-fighters who come face-to-face in the ring. Ricardo has everything set up to win, but Vicente’s life is in danger.

LA DANZA DEL PICCOLO RAGNO – Itàlia, 2012 – 5’ 40’’ – Animació

La danza del piccolo ragno

Director: Giacinto Compagnone, Aurora Febo, Lucia Rotelli, Emma Vasile

Carmela falls asleep in a wheat field and gets beaten by a tarantula. And here starts the long process of healing. Through dance, music and colour, Carmela will be dancing with the spider, will be the spider, fight the spider and finally step on it.

MISHIMA (VESPRES VERDS) – Espanya, 2012 – 3’ – Videoclip


Director: Nueveojos

Music video for the song “Els vespres verds” (‘The green evenings’) by Mishima, which accompanied the live performance of the group with which they opened the latest edition of Animac 2012. The images of the video are based on Andrés Hispano’s sketchbooks.

DEUS – Brasil, 2011 – 12’ – Ficció


Director: André Miranda

Pollo had to die to understand the meaning of life.


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