Jordi Pons, an 86-year-old Catalan mountaineer, presents the short film Un repte anomenat Mont Blanc at FILMETS


The still-active climber participates in a short film that tells the story of how three mountaineers from Badalona travel to Chamonix to remember the climb they made 30 years ago in the Alps

Jordi Pons

The FILMETS Badalona Film Festival started screenings this morning with the attendance of a special guest, namely Jordi Pons, a still-active 86-year-old climber who participated in the short film Un repte anomenat Mont Blanc, directed by Ramon Alaró.

The film is a documentary about three mountaineers from Badalona who travel to Chamonix to remember their ascent of Mont Blanc 30 years previously, when they decided to make the leap from the Pyrenees to the Alps.

Jordi Pons, who was greatly applauded by the audience that had gathered at the Zorrilla Theatre, explained that ‘the mountains are exactly the same now as they were 30 years ago. What has changed is the equipment used and the philosophy of climbing mountains.’ Jordi Pons wanted to emphasise that ‘to make an ascent of a mountain 30 years ago, we used wooden ice axes and crampons forged by hand by friends or ours. Equipment today is very sophisticated, making ascents much safer.’


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