FILMETS presents the documentary Exhumar a Prim (‘Exhuming Prim’), a raw and explicit film chronicling the exhumation of the man who was president of the Spanish Government between 1869 and 1870


The short, directed by Víctor Cerdán, documents the autopsy carried out on Prim’s mummy by a team of scientists in 2012

Exhumar a Prim is included in session 25 of the festival and can be viewed online at along with all the other films in the competition


In 2012, a team of forensic scientists opened the coffin of General Juan Prim almost 150 years after his assassination. The FILMETS Badalona Film Festival presents a short film directed by Víctor Cerdán, Exhumar a Prim, which tells the story of the scientific process. The eight-minute long short film released this year provides a raw and explicit chronicle of the exhumation and autopsy that was performed to uncover the circumstances and true causes of his death.

Exhumar a Prim, an authentic historical document, is included in session 25 of the festival, which can be viewed online at

A mysterious assassination

The assassination of General Juan Prim, president of the Spanish Government between September 1869 and December 1870, has for many years been one of the greatest mysteries in the history of Spain. Prim died on the 27th of December 1870, when a group of strangers repeatedly shot at the car carrying him from the Congress of Deputies to his residence in the heart of Madrid, the Palacio de Buenavista. He died from the septicaemia that resulted from his injuries. But it was never clear who was behind the murder.

When investigators opened Prim’s coffin, they found a body in better condition than expected and dressed in a captain general’s uniform. Exhumar a Prim is the most accurate portrayal of the internationally significant scientific process available today. And FILMETS Badalona is delighted to present it in the competition.


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