Carla Simón presents her short film Después también at the FILMETS festival


In a Zorrilla Theatre full to overflowing this evening, the director from Badalona told the audience that ‘behind a short film, there is a huge amount of work and talent also plays a fundamental role’

‘My short film also has the purpose of raising awareness among young people of the HIV virus, about which there is great ignorance,’ she added

The director from Badalona, Carla Simón, presented her short film Después también to an audience that filled the Zorrilla Theatre to overflowing. Carla Simón wanted to address the audience and told them that she had always championed short films, having previously presented another one at FILMETS early in her film-making career.

‘Behind a short, there is a huge amount of work. Everything is prepared in the same way as for a feature film with the only difference being that the short film lasts fewer minutes. But, precisely because of that, talent plays a fundamental role’, she explained.

Después también tells the story of Àlex, who arrives at a local bar looking for someone. Inside, 19-year-old Edu is dancing like crazy and is not expecting anyone to come looking for him. In the background of the story is the presence of the AIDS virus, HIV.

Carla Simón added that ‘one of the purposes of my short film is to also raise awareness among young people of the HIV virus, about which there is great ignorance’.


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