The 43d edition of FILMETS from 20-29 October will show more than 250 short films


‘La femme et le TGV’

The 43d edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival (20-29 October) will show more than 250 short films on its screens at Zorrilla Theatre, Blas Infante Theatre, Teatre Principal and the Institut français de Barcelona

The Centre Cultural el Carme will be the location for the Filmets Pro sessions, aimed at film professionals

The Zorrilla Theatre of Badalona will be the central headquarters of the 43d edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, which will be held from 20 to 29 October, 2017. But the Zorrilla Theatre won’t be the only location of the festival. The screenings will also take place at the Blas Infante Theatre, Teatre Principal and the French Institute of Barcelona.  This edition will be showing more than 250 short films from countries in four continents. The entrance to all the screenings will be free.

The preliminary screening programme of this year’s edition of FILMETS, which is presented in the attached document, shows that the Official Section will offer 25 sessions, which will be taking place in the Zorrilla Theatre, except for one, which will be offered at the French Institute of Barcelona.

Additionally, the OFF FILMETS will be held namely at the Blas Infante Theatre, with 6 sessions of Filmets Primària, aimed at students in Primary School (8-9 years old) and 6 other sessions of Filmets Secundària, aimed at students in Secondary School (14-15 years old).

The Teatre Principal is, once again, another one of the festival’s locations, holding the session Filmets per a Tothom, aimed at people with disabilities, as well as the ‘Cinema Històric’ session. Furthermore, the theatre will hold a masterclass on animation, as part of the FILMETS Pro programme.

This year’s edition will have Germany as guest country in the FOCUS FILMETS section. Besides from screening short films from this country, several German directors will be there to present their films.

The Centre Cultural el Carme will be hosting Filmets Pro again this year. People willing to participate should have to register previously. Together with the Clúster Àudiovisual de Catalunya it will offer a Virtual Reality session (VR). A session holding a debate on short film distribution and promotion will also be offered here.

The Nit de les Venus will take place on Saturday 28 October at the Zorrilla Theatre, at 8 pm. The following day, starting at 5 pm, the theatre will host the screening of all the awarded films.

Presence of short films awarded in other festivals
The 43rd edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival will present short films of great quality which have been already awarded in other festivals.

This is the case of the short film La femme et le TGV, a Swiss production with Jane Birkin in the lead role. The short film has been awarded at Locarno and nominated to the Oscar. Its screening at the festival will be its first screening in Spain as well.

Le film d’été is another of the short films to be screened, it has won in 2017 the Grand Prix National at Clermont-Ferrand.

Sing, from Hungary, winner of the Oscar to the Best Live Action Short Film in 2017, will be screened as well.

Well-known actors and actresses at the Zorrilla Theatre screen
The spectators of the 43rd edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival will have the chance not only to watch on the big screen films which have already been awarded at other well-known festivals, but to see as well worldwide famous actors and actresses.

For instance, Claudia Cardinale, who appears in the short film L’Auveugle et la Cardinale; James Brolin, of the short film A Beautiful Day; Ed Asner in Super Sex; Cecilia Milocco in Kommiteen; David Wenger, who was one of the main actors in Titanic, presents himself at FILMETS with the short film Blue Borsalino; Fanny Ardant in The Session; John Hurt in his last appearance in a film, in the short film Break; Isabelle Huppert in Ce qui nous éloigne; or the Catalan actors and actresses Francesc Orella, Nora Navas and Lluís Marco, among many others.

John Hurt

High standard quality short films
Year after year it is proven that the short films screened at FILMETS Badalona Film Festival have a high standard quality. The evidence lies in the latest edition of 2016. Two of the screened and awarded short films in Badalona were nominated to the Oscar. They were Ennémis Intérieurs, Venus of Badalona to the Best Short Film 2017, and Timecode. Besides the above mentioned Sing, which will be screened in Badalona after winning the Oscar to the Best Live Action Short Film.

Many of the films at the Official Section in competition have been awarded as well at the Gaudí, Goya, César, Bafta or Donatello Awards, and at festivals like Clermont-Ferrand, Locarno, Berlinale, Sundance, Venice or Annecy.

The animation short films of the most prestigious film schools stand out, such as the Filmakademie, MOPA Arles or ArtFX, among others.

This year, the 43rd edition of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival will screen for the first time many films never screened in Spain before.